Mixture of probiotics


With Digestive get everything it needs for healthy digestion.
This dietary supplement is made of high-quality, safe and
active ingredients that contribute to a healthy digestive system, thus
Your body can use a maximum of nutrients from food.

Recipe Digestive

  • Probiotic
  • Mixture of probiotics
  • Mixture of enzymes

NEW - Digestive+++ with new capsuls

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Digestive+++ now

  • as granules
  • with improved formula
  • with higher efficiency
  • with vegetable capsules


The main functions of Digestive:

  1. Balance of bacteria in the colon
  2. Neutralization of gastric acid
  3. Reduction of gas formation, indigestion and constipation
  4. Optimal intake of all nutrients of food supplements and
    the food you eat.


A detailed list of ingredients can be found here.


For additional information please refer to our FAQ section

-> FAQs about Digestive+++


Experiment: Watch DIGESTIVE+++ break down food - Kimberley Lloyd - 5:16 - englisch

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