• Laminins is a combination of an extract of fertilized bird egg, marine proteins and vegetable proteins, which are collectively known as trademarked blend OPT9.
  • Laminins provides the body with the complete chain of 22 amino acids are available, which are essential for the health of the cells. In the body, this amino acid chain acts as a natural "adaptogen": They programme adult stem cells so that they reach areas of the body that need it most repairs, and repair them.
  • It is a safe, natural supplement, which according to the guidelines of the Food & Drug Administration is made in the USA (FDA; US Food and Drug Administration) and the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (current good manufacturing practice cGMP).
  • Detailed recommendations are available on the respective box.
  • Ask the person who referred you laminins.
  • Laminins was not specifically designed for consumption by animals.
  • However, there are no reports of side effects caused in animals.
  • If you have your pet (as well as the human consumption) specific concerns or questions regarding the intake of laminins, consult your veterinarian before giving the animal laminins.
  • There are no documented cases or examples of side effects.
  • With normal use laminins is safe and effective, the effect may vary according to person, however, vary considerably.
  • Please clarify with your doctor if you are allergic to eggs.
  • Apply as usual, what effect laminins could show to you to your doctor if you have any questions.
  • Life Pharm Global Network refers to extract from fertilized bird's egg of biological, hormone-free chicken farms without cages in the US.
  • Laminin is an adhesion molecule that is present in every person at the cellular level.
  • This substance holds together and is therefore part of the inspiration for the name "laminins".
  • However laminins contains no laminin.
  • Laminins is not available through infomercials or on shelves.
  • It tells its own story and is intended for the launch of the model of "relationship marketing".
  • For this reason we have chosen to offer laminins exclusively through our network of LPGN-SVPs.

It is comparable to a architect who supervised a construction site and the workers
instructing to which bodies the materials are to be delivered in order to process them.

Scientific details here:

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 OPT9™ - Geschützte Zutat  OPT9™  
 Extrakt von befruchteten Eiern  Fertilized Egg extract  
 Meeres-Proteine  Marine Protein  
 Phyto Proteine  Phyto Protein  




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