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Laminines - Discover the secret to perfect health

Lamiderm Apex - Neueste Forschungsergebnisse (de) - ca. 4:30 Min.
Universität von Toronto - Dr. Aleksander Hinek

Eindeutige, signifikante Verbesserung und Regenerierung der Hautstruktur.


The history of laminins

In 1929, a Canadian doctor, dr. John R. Davidson at the
Studies of the fertilization process of the hen's egg on the
Ingredients in the main routinely phase of incubation attentively
- has created a laminin extract from these components -
with which he then restored the health of his sick patients
Has. When he died in 1943, his revolutionary formula seemed lost.

The re-discovery

Fifty years after the discoverer's death, Norwegian scientists have the
Discoveries of Dr. John R. Davidson confirmed, in which they could determine
that exactly on the 9th day of incubation, the fertilized chicken egg
maneuverable elements and most of the nutrients that are needed for growth and growth
necessary for the development of the embryo.

The researchers developed the product laminins, which are all 22 amino acids, marine proteins,
Plant proteins - and the special: FGF fibroblast growth (OPT9 formula) contains.

The company LifePharm obtains the extract for the OPT9 from biological, hormone-free
Chicken farms with free-range chickens. The eggs are naturally fertilized. On the 9th day
they are controlled during the incubation. From the eggs, which contain the FGF - becomes with largest
Carefully taken the FGF and made OPT9.

The 5 products from Lifepharm

  • Laminine
  • Omega+++
  • Digestive+++
  • Immune+++
  • Lamiderm Apex

Lifepharm has the perfect combination of ingredients
created for the well-being of our body.

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Lamiderm Apex 
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The special

The secret weapon of laminins recipe is called fibroblast growth factor
(Fibroblast Growth Factor FGF). This connection supports the appropriate
Stem cells while restoring the natural state of the body organs, in which
this function optimally. FGF is present in the human placenta and
increases in the course of time gradually decreases. At this time, signs
show premature aging and degeneration.


pdr front 152x198Extract from the PHYSICIANS 'DESK REFERENCE 2016 (de)

Detailed information about laminins.

The Physicians' Desk Reference corresponds to the German Red List.
Chief Red List is the medicine for Germany (including
EU licenses and certain medical devices).


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