History of laminins

What are laminins - how they were discovered?

The secret weapon of laminins recipe is called fibroblast growth factor
(Fibroblast Growth Factor FGF). This connection supports the appropriate
Stem cells while restoring the natural state of the body organs, in which
this function optimally. FGF is present in the human placenta and
increases in the course of time gradually decreases. At this time,
signs show premature aging and degeneration

The discovery

In 1929, a Canadian physician, Dr. John R. Davidson is in the investigations
the fertilization process of chicken egg to the components in the main
hear incubation phase - has made these ingredients a
Excerpt created - with whom he then the health of his sick patient again
has produced. When he died in 1943, seemed lost its revolutionary formula


50 years after the death of the discoverer Norwegian scientists have
Discoveries of Dr. John R. Davidson confirmed where they could find,
that exactly the 9 th day of incubation the fertilized egg all vital
Elements and most of the nutrients includes that the growth and development
the embryos are necessary.

The researchers developed the product laminins which all 22 amino acids, marine proteins,
Vegetable proteins - and the extraordinary: FGF fibroblast growth includes (OPT9 formula).

The company Life Pharm refers to extract for OPT9 of biological, hormone-free
Chicken farms with free-range hen. The eggs are fertilized naturally. On the 9th day
incubation they are controlled. The eggs that contain the FGF - will most
Care taken the FGF and prepared OPT9. Since the animals until the 10th day of
Fertilization feel pain, they remember nothing of it, develop normally
until they hatch.



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