Lamiderm Apex - Neueste Forschungsergebnisse (de) - ca. 4:30 Min.
Universität von Toronto - Dr. Aleksander Hinek

Eindeutige, signifikante Verbesserung und Regenerierung der Hautstruktur.


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Skin care is now even more profound

We have the answer for a gentle and youthful skin.

Show yourself at your best with Lamiderm Apex!

With a brand new, exclusive skin care formula achieved
Apex new depths to repair the skin and rejuvenate.

Dermatest confirms highest safety and effective effect for your skin.

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LifePharm Skin Cell Regeneration System - 1:52 english


Our secret

The LifePharm extract from fertilized birds eggs is a skin-care activator,
whose effect is due to two growth factors and the enzyme lysiloxidase (LOX)

In combination, these components stimulate the skin cells
again to produce more collagen, elastin and fibronectin.



Rejuvenated skin

  • Revitalizes the natural elasticity and tautness and ensures a healthy radiance
  • Active radiant skin
  • Effective rehydration
  • Protects against damage by UV radiation
  • Increases the body's production of elastin, fibronectin and collagen by bioactive growth factors


APEX concentrates on the main fibers of the skin

  • Elastine
    Supports the natural re-positioning of the skin
  • Fibronektin
    Plays a big role in the repair of adipose tissue
  • Collagen
    Ensures the tightness of the fabric structure

While most of the serums are limited to one or two of these
Important proteins, Apex interferes with the effect on all
Three proteins out to produce both a great appearance,
Also to offer a feeling of wellbeing.


Good to know

In recent years, elastin, fibronectin and collagen are strongly present
and provide a healthy looking and feeling skin.

Over time, age and damage will weaken and exhaustion of these proteins.

The fertilized extract of the birds is replaced by the stimulus of the LOX
(Lysyl oxidase) enzyme. The LOX enzyme provides in the skin
for the natural production of collagen and elastin.



lamiderm apex dsc05851 443x750Our secret

The secret to Lamiderm Apex lies in the revolutionary, in-house
extract of a fertilized bird's egg.

The extract from the fertilized vowel increased the elastin, fibronectin-
and collagen content by up to 350 percent in just three days. *

* Based on a study of the University of Toronto with human high-cell cultures.


Why Lamiderm Apex

  • Aids the skin aging and increases the activity of the cells
  • Reduces hardened scar tissue and stretch marks
  • Contains bioactive ingredients which give the skin a healthy radiance


LAMIDERM APEX conquers Hollywood




Our recipe

The extract of fertilized birds is supported by an excellent formula:

  • Vitamin C and E Synergistic antioxidant mixture
    The Powerhouse Duo is an advanced protection mechanism
    Before antioxidant and free radicals
  • Radiation complex
    Exclusive mix of seven different plants of the Swiss Alps.
    Brightens the skin naturally
    Lightens the skin tone by 15% within 12 weeks
  • Nutritious moisturizing mixture
    Reduces skin irritation and wrinkles
    Prevents UVB radiation and other skin damage
  • Natural supply system
    Juice of aloe vera plant
    coconut oil

This in-house formula is safe, unique, and effective

  • Protects the skin from environmental influences,
  • Stimulates the production of collagen for a softer skin,
  • Provides moisture and moisture
  • Improves the general appearance of the skin to counter natural aging.


Use it daily

  • Apply to a clean and fresh skin, in the morning and in the evening.
  • Everyone wants to start with the new day.
  • Your face is the first impression for the outside world - stand out.



Lamiderm Apex on American Health Journal 2017  5:43 - english


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